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Andrej Filev

a painter, draughtsman, photographer, VJ, shortly an artist from Belgrade

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, 2006.

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Puppy Cool grandmaThe sea is guiltyHandMouthMr

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Portrait with a weaselYasser Arafat scare on a funeralFight A woman with a smokeSelf-portrait with violinHappy faceSeka on Uros' birthday partyTV FeverIvana Mihic on a bike

Andrej Filev is a hard-working painter and draughtsman from Belgrade. He was born 1973. and graduated at Belgrade Academy of applied arts. He is engaged in Schlitz comic workshop. He used to work as a photo-documentarist. Life never nourished him.

See his excellent short movie: How was my dog watching The Space Odyssey 2001.

That movie inspired his friend Bane to make this short movie: How was Andrej watching Star Wars.

He distributes fanzines, as well as our own multimud release. Here is how he is introduced by Trap for a pioneer group, and here is his portrait made by our Bate. This is his contact.

He recently became a king of Serbian blogging on domain. At this moment, he is editing Smorilov of Kyrilov blog, and Love and romance and introductory sorrow blog, along with his friend Bane the Lazy.

INSPIRATION: How should I start? I am not inspired. Exhausted dancers on TV.BORDERS: All right, it can't be worse. Wet, exhausted, I go back with my dog, after a failure on an appointment. What a puddle !?? (Borders Dairy, Mladenovac City)When I was SupermenJesus... Jesus is ours... Jesus is our needle pad...saint naumwhere i wasAutoportrait

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