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Cinc and Yoshio Machida - concert at Nis Symphonic Orchestra Hall

Nis, April 1st 2006

Various meat This was our first concert in Nis city, a great southern Serbian city. We hope we will play in Nis many more times, those are great people.

Also, this was our first gig in some Symphonic orchestra hall. We realized that symphonic orchestra hall is our natural environment, so hope we will play in many more Symphonic orchestra halls, such as Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Hamburg, and especially Berliner Filharmoniker with Herbert von Karayan, which will make a possibillity of making a release at Deutche Gramofonn.

Also, this was the first time we played along with Yoshio Machida, our friend from Tokyo. We hope we will play in various Tokyos in the future.

Before us, there was a gig of our old friends Andra and Sonja, and after us we heard a local slammer Bojan Ilic Bocherinni. There is a great video of me playing air piano along with Andra and Sonja, as well as even more great video of our making pose for taking a photo on your left side. I made April out of that later.

As I said, Nis is a great city, as well as audience there. unfortunately, we haven't made it to see almost anything in the city except a part of their fortress, where you can buy that spiral shaped ice-cream, a symbol of former Yugoslovakia. Also, they have a great barbecue, especially chicken. Saussage is not so great, at least the one that I tried. We haven't made it to see a stadium of FC Radnicki and grafitos of their famous Boheme supporters. We are also very sorry for not seeing Chele tower (made by Turkish architects in 19.century, they used skulls of Serbian rebels, lovely). Yoshio would be fascinated for sure, like Lamartine was.

Photos by Natasha, choice and layout by our editor girl.

Whole event was organized by CZKD within their programme "Art of transition". Brains of operation were modern Belgrade composers Bozidar Obradinovic and Vladimir Pejkovic, as well as Belgrade art critic and historian Vladimir Tupanjac.


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