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Cinc - a gig at Panonija TV

Novi Sad - Sremska Kamenica, April 16th 2005

Washing an apple

A day was panonicly depressive (we invent words in Serbian, why can't we invent them in English as well?). The train to Novi Sad City was slow, but we were great above all. We came to Izba hall, where we had a gig two years ago, and we asked about Mileta and Sveta.

A woman said Sveta is in US, and that she can't remember about Mileta, she could give us the phone though.

Fuck, then I remembered they don't manage Izba hall anymore. (But website still reflects their time, for example see this zen comic about Yoshio Machida inloved with Serbian grill).

Then the editor of Inkubator show appears, a great guy called Aleksandar Sasa Sandorov (he used to play in Sarah Kay, a pop band). Then boys with cameras appeared and we had a cross-examination, one after another, and we told serious accusations about one another, for example Irela says that we torture her, Djordje doesn't know Srkie's last name, Srki says he does all of this for his studies od defectology, and so on.

We recorded the show at Zid Studios, Sremska Kamenica City. Nice studios. Sound engineer Stefan Popovic also appeared to be a great guy. We had 5 songs, all first takes: Hello Papic, Young, Haben Sie..., Dastin and Bravo Maia.

Unfortunately, we were in a rush to catch the train back, so we couldn't make it to eat the glorious ice-cream, and I couldn't make it to take a picture of myself in front of Luca di Conte boutique, which i regularly do every time I come to Novi Sad City.

You should come to Novi Sad City, it is a bit slow city, but not as nervous than Belgrade, which is very refreshing for your nerves.

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Izba, Novi SadSrki interview

Aleksandar Sandorov, editor of Inkubator show at Panonija TVSrkiBateZid Studios, sound engineer Stefan PopovicZid Studios







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