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Drawings of my friend

If this city has at least a little cosmopolitan spirit, if there is something that makes it great, apart from a million things that make it small and provincial, it is the fact that some of its inhabitants are people like the author of these drawings.
He knows cars, down to the last screw, ("...he definitely knows most about cars in the whole city. I realised that when he told me the name of the seat cover brand of the car that was last made 30 years ago." - said an acquaintance of the author's). He has an exquisite drawing and construciton talent.
When he's drawing these pictures, he does it like a plotter (he can draw a car blindfold - as witnessed by many). Quickly, confidently, lines chasing one another. All models exhibited here were made in c. 20 seconds ("He's a serious professional. We had thought he was some amatueur who does it as a hobby, like you'd told us" - said, astounded, two renowned German industrial designers when we showed them these drawings).

drawings of my friend drawings of my friend drawings of my friend

He took part in a car design competition just once, back in 1990. The prestigious German car magazine had published a tender for a small car design, and the author of these drawings won the first prize (the drawing contained a coffee smudge - he couldn't be bothered to draw it again - and on the photograph of the award proclamation, you can see the Citroen representative, holding a small paper with a big smudge). The award was a one and a half month pracitce at the Volkswagen design bureau. The address he had given when entering the competition was his grandparents' country house, where he only went once a year - and the next time he visited, they told him "...there's a letter for you from abroad, it's arrived six months ago...". He was supposed to send them his personal photograph and information, in order to be called upon officially. "No way', he said "I'd have to speak English the whole time, or even worse - German that I don't even know..." He didn't go. Nor did he send his drawings to tenders again. ("I tried once and was 100% successful. That's enough." - he says.)
Apart from cars, he draws yachts and ships (his graduation work at Architecture School was a project of a cruiser; he only passed in second go because the first time around he had overlooked his name on the list and was surprised when his friends later informed him that he had missed his chance). He draws airplanes, trains, furniture. Everything he draws, he knows in detail. I've recently asked him "How many books have you read?". "I have no idea - maybe over a thousand; I used to read more. In high school I would read over 150 books a year, now I don't have the time. When I do, I read SF only."
He used to work as night watchman for ten years, and during the day, he'd work with us ("...I'm the only man in the world who considers going to work the end of his working day.") Now he has a regular job that he doesn't like much, because it has nothing to do with the things he's interested in. "People like him earn millions in the West" - said an excellent artist about him. He also works on a multitude of other projects, sometimes day-in day-out, like a bee.
"I'd like to live by the sea and go fishing. Somewhere where boredom is the main cause of death." A man of the world.

(Drawings were presented by Skart group in July 2004. on "Collections and Acumulations" exhibition in SKC, Belgrade, as a part of The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004. Author of the whole exhibition was Vladimir Tupanjac, and other participants were: Aleksandar Zograf, Ivana Klickovic, Kosmoplovci, Mileta Prodanovic, Sasa Markovic Mikrob and Milos Tomic).

Acknownledgement: Artists presented on Cinc plug pages are not an association, and Cinc group has no formal connecions with them. We introduce their art to you because they don't have their own web-presentations and they really deserve to have them, besides - they are all our fans. Materials are published here with their kind permission. For any further reproducing of them, please ask for permissions from authors, not from Luka (me).

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