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Cinc - CD Attitude (2003)


Cinc, Attitude CD
Templum, Skopje, 2003

Djordje Ilic - guitar, vocals; Luka Stanisavljevic - bass, vocals; Aleksandra Vilotic - violin, vocals; Milica Vilotic - vocals; Marija Balubdzic - piano, vocals; Zeljko Makivic - guitar, percussion; Danica Minic, Irena Vanic, Milica Balubdzic, Milan Markovic, Branko Propadovic - vocals.

Recorded at "Halbstar Home Studios", 2003.
by Zeljko Makivic and Luka Stanisavljevic

Original lyrics

(hear it)

Within a glint
This performance will suffer defeat
Our knees are trembling
Whisper is all around:
"They have been creating,
It's time to see what have they been creating"
The audience is waiting
To catch some unexpected mistake
To hear a false note sung
To hear a wrong string played
Or anything unpredicted to take place...

Let's put it straight
It's not us that you are waiting for
You're waiting for
cookies and snacks...

(enters new chef in our cafeteria)

After so many years
With heavy books
That I've been reading
They told me yesterday
That I became
A new chef in your cafeteria
That I'll be making splendid meals
To cheer ya...

Well, you should know
That it's not gonna pass so easily
You can't even think how sleazy I am
Into your pastry plates I'll put diphteria

You will die from horrible diseases
Does my pastry please you?
Is there anyone in cafeteria?
Do I suit your criteria?
Who wants to learn something more?
(It's never late for that, you know)

Tell me, granny, is there any
Way that I could learn
What is this thirst that keeps disturbing?
What does the word "junkie" means?

See that fellow over there
The one with a bonnet blue?
Looking brightly, smiling politely
Now you know who "junkie" is!

Oh, mama, mama, mama,
Give me to eat some uncle Ray's cocaine!

My dear child, at least you should try
Auntie Winky's stinking phosgene, diphosgene!

Oh, mama, mama, mama,
Feed me some grandma's coke

Oh, dear brat, I cooked some nitrogen chowder,
There's enough for both of us.

One day, granny, I had a talk with
Brave major Floppy:
"Why, my son, do you take those drugs?
Clean this floor with moistened rugs!"

Eat up, my dear child,
These tasty seeds of poppy
You had enough of your major's ragin',
Now you can freely use your drugs.

Oh, mama, mama, mama,
Give me to eat some uncle Ray's kokaine!

My dear child, at least you should try
Auntie Winky's stinking phosgene, diphosgene!

Oh, mama, mama, mama,
Give me to eat some flesh of a dead man!

Oh, darling, you should dine this pine
And be like Fiffie the sailor man!

THE NEW ONE (hear it)

There's a barn in the field
McGillis is a witness
When you fly high
It's a Small Ville below

You know that field is
More beautiful when you want
You know that stone is
Eternal when you stand

Now I know
That I fly on my own
And Fuhur polite
Is dragon's trail

Are the poles
Now only the goals
Or the wave is about
To split it all?

Are you excited
November is warm
Or are you extraordinary
Because the Green is green?

Now I know
To stand on my own
And this habit was
Someone's before

I still remember
Where the rail begins
Where it turns around
Where the other one disappears

You lost your mind
If you think there's only one
Two long lines
Lead you to the seaside

Now I know
There's a flat upstairs
And a big rail is
One and only there

mene! mine mene?
aki? kauriszmaki!

(hear it)

A day when Bozidar realized that
Emptiness of spleen and a serpent of shame
Will eat him up - it was a great day

The son wants an act:
"I feel weak, speed me up!"
And there the spleen ends,
There the speed begins
And there the horror begins...
Like Sitting Bull, like running mouse
Like Pope who harasses
When he speaks to the one
Who won't understand
Like boring Kant
Like breathtaking Bach
Like a camp ruled by a vamp
Who never sweats
That's the camp where punk was found
Like scary bass
Like wah-wah of which you are afraid

Bozidar's splendid gift that he got
No other way but
From his father and mother
It is a great gift

For he knows
That sweet Harmony
Beyond a horrible vale of Hormony lies
So he runs into it
Like breaking red Yugo
Like flowing blood
Like Socrates who doesn't know
So he is quiet and humble
Like Fotes who knows so he's trouble
Like sign that your eyes cannot see
Like hidden slop
Like Pope taking a note
Dropping a sheet
Looking like Shit
Like plug that doesn't want to see
That it goes to a wrong slot

Like "quo" that you "vadis"
Like "squo" that you "vidis"
Like dick that you draw out
To "veni" and "vici"
And then you're on the thin ice

Like day that rises to you too

(hear it)

You don't need
A dog in your house
It snarls
And you don't need
A cat in your house
It deceives
And you don't need
An elephant in your house
You will regret

And you don't need
A frog in your house
It croaks
And you don't need
A hen in your house
It clucks
But the worst thing of all
Is a monkey in your house
A monkey in your house

He makes a mess
He wears your sneakers
He scratches your records
He smudges your pictures
He reads your books
He underlines what he considers

Over your clean laundry
On your balcony he is mounting
And in anger you run after him
When the mounting comes to an end
Two of you will eat cherries
Then both of you will
Take shit.

You go to your business center
He already drank few beer decanters
Then, with a grin
He let's your postman in,
He gives him generous tip
He receives a mail you don't need

Even more, he puts it in a pot
He adds some breadcrumbs, rice
And lot
Of spices
You tell him:
"Hey, monkey!
You put a veil, not a mail
In a pot!"
He asks you:
"So what?"


Somewhere in a town
There is a party
Here I'm gazing
I'm waiting for you

I'm already late
I'm biting my nails
I'm hopping
At least I should have
Those plastic bubbles
To pop them

The rain will start
Nonchalant and careless
And I, in my snow-white dress
Will become mad and stressed
The rain will come to an end
Behind the corner you will appear
With your greedy glance
Wishing to swallow me
Greasy and awful
Black like a tar

And you don't find it enough
That you are worse than any scum
And that you are full
Of bad stories and pickpockets
You cough, smoke and totter
You are full of everything
Even more, you are number 16,
And I need number 17

One day
When I get my first private Cessna
I won't need neither 16
Nor 17
Nor 14
I will have my own
I will take off
With burning breath
From my mouth
I'll melt your tires, that day
You'll hear the only language you speak

I will bring you
Kisses from Al Kaida
Kilotons of Bakelite
Full of heavy alkaloids

Guardians of your skylines
Will be watching on their screens
All the line-up of their team
Deftly dribbled by Almeida...

CAKES (hear it)

Ooh, time for you
Time for surprise and sea
Will be...

Come... stay...
And play all day
Play ball...

Home... Home...
Play ball
And fade out
And stay alive...

Home... Home...
Play ball
And stay out
And play loud...

KATANA (hear it)

This thing happened
Don't tell anyone
I met my school friend
Who had a band at that time
He was gloomy
I even noticed few grey hairs
He was down, depressed
With dulled senses
And thoughts of his own...

"Tell me, my friend," I asked him
"Why do you look so desperate?
Has some vicious man
Tormented you with melted lead?

I haven't seen you for a long time
Do you still have that music band?
Tell me, my friend, various tales,
Your puzzling silence makes me shudder
Tell me, my friend, how is your brother?"

"I am afraid I'll disappoint you,"
Said my old school friend.
"My brother lost his brainpower lately
He'll make a damage I am afraid
Some innocent person will end up badly
Frightful thoughts now fill my brains.

As you already know
Some time ago we had a music band,
We had, you know, that fretless base.
We sold it for a handful of cash
And we decided to save some more cash
To buy a new, better fretless base.

We swept, like raging apes
Stock of stupid porno tapes
We searched out all the hidden places;
Because of us, our beloved sister
Sold her favourite frog Kermit dummy
We have collected
some respectable sum.

One morning, my brother said:
"I go, I'll be back in an hour,
I'll by a new fretless base
I give you every warranty."

Sleep, my brother dear
Hear nightingale's song
Within a glint
You'll hear a hum
Of four Dadarial strings
In the set of a dawn."

Then I've heard footsteps
Louder and louder
When I woke up
There comes my brother
In his eyes, a madman's gaze
In his hand, a grey, long, scary

Our humble lodger said to him:
"Would you please leave the yataghan down
Obviously you don't feel well
Seems like your senses have let you down."

His sweetheart told him: "The hell with you
And with that blade that you keep
What is the power that leads you now?
Throw that thing on garbage heap!"

Good for her that she didn't come closer
Because her neck nearly met

Grandfather told him: "You stupid fool
Sit down and drink this glass of drench
It's not your job to hold that rapier
But to study in your bench."

Sister told him: "Right now I want you
To put down the Damask mace
Do you want a hot coffee and breakfast
Or a hot slap in your face?"

Our sister has a great vigour indeed
But still she stopped in front of swung

Than his father, a brave captain said:
"Now put the sabre on the ground
Follow me now, you'll be doing exactly
What your senior will command."

"You will guard the troops, the armament
The carburant, tents and garments
You'll also drive my green truck
You'll even learn that my truck
Is not a truck in fact
But a motor vehicle"

His unspeaking eyes told us then:
"All your pains are in vain."
One by one we've left his room
So he wouldn't cut our heads of
Pity for a men that was witty before
His wits are somewhere far away.

Even now, while I'm telling you this
All my house is in nausea
And while your band plays on the stage
While you are honoured by loud applauses
He stands there in his guard
And still he holds in his hand
His only argument


Look how the game of chess begins:
All alone, this fearless pawn
Raises his sword
Heading straight to the middle of a board
To fight for what you possess

You never creep in the game of chess
But you go bravely in medias res
It's not like that
In the game of reversi
Oh, no, in the game of reversi
You cling to the edge like a pussy
In the dirty game of reversi
You cling to the edge like a pussy

In the game of chess
They say that who dares wins
Chess is the game of kings
And in reversi, who dares
Falls downstairs
It is the game for nurses

You quietly watch as their forces grow
And your prior aim is to reach the wall
When they fill the row
You can swallow them all
And therefore, in reversi
You cling to the edge like a pussy
In the dirty game of reversi
You cling to the edge like a pussy

So, in your life
Its up to you to decide:
Will you play chess
And strike them right in the chest
Or will you play reversi
And stab from the back with no mercy

VERBS (hear it)

A bird, and shoes, and gloves
Let's make a dream
And wife, and scarf, and knife
Footsteps days

I need some verbs to finish
Work to write a book
I've seen these people,
Some strange people, good fun people

A sound, and ground, and taste
Toothbrush dance
And key, and cage, closed eye
Talk to Judith

Will, shall, should, would, can, could
May, might, must, need, used to
She does not speak
Ingrid does not speak

A bird, and shoes, and gloves
Let's make a dream
And boots, and socks, and punch
Here is a tribe

And slides, and slice, and dust
It is all here
And sound, and bell, ding-dong
Good afternoon

And now I wonder
What's the purpose of these people
Are they grown up or are they
Perhaps completely mad

A dream, it is all a dream
Good day, it is not a day, it is
night, it is not a night, it is
day, it is all a dream

Gracias, hoy quisiera sólo mantequilla y marmeláda, con un panecillo y un cafe.
Un panecillo más y un poco de marmeláda.

DRENCH (hear it)

All alone
You've got twenty minutes
Before trouble comes
To repair
Your dearest one

Pour it some drench
So it wouldn't wrench
When it gets wedged
Moisten it with drench
So the triggering mechanism
And the regulator device
Should function smoothly
Rather than snootily...

When the gas-cylinder
And the bolt carrier with piston
Become hard to listen
It is easy to quench
With drench

When, instead of reloading swiftly
It starts doing it stiffly
That nobody drinks a glass of bile
Without a glass of drench to make it vile
Hold your breath
And drench it up to the bottom
Your fate is like a clay
And you are the potter...

Then, a thunderbolt!
In the middle of winter
Though it's not a time for it...
Then, comes the rain,
Gluttonous, selfish and mean
Run away!
In a daylight
You'll easily be courageous
In your bench.

That gun
Is no longer a gun
That gun
Is no longer anything
Run away!
Tomorrow you'll have to lay
In muddy trench.

Forget about it
Rust will corrode it
Now the only gun you have
Is the one you've been born with
Run away!

Power above you
Made you look so loathing
You stare in disbelief
You don't get it?
Well, you will get it!
This is the message:
Drench was for nothing.

REINDEER (hear it) --- (video)

Through the fog
Through the wasteland
Through the winter frost
Through the gloomy dark
There comes our fabulous granny
With presents for us

There goes the old lady
Through the night
Through the snow
To bake
Your Christmas cakes

Oh, good old granny
Why do you look so weird?
Since when do you have that beard?
What's that Cherokee hairstyle for
And a jug of beer?

Oh, kids
There is some book I was reading
It says how some Russian student
Have killed the old woman
And all my life I was quiet maid
So I woudn't like to be slain

On a ship I came aboard
And I travelled abroad
They changed my code
Oh, and now I'm your grandpa.

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(and see video for Albuquerque)

Serbian lyrics translated by
Luka Stanisavljevic
Uros Miloradovic

This version of Attitude CD remastered by
Yoshio Machida