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Jelena Radic

a visual artist from Belgrade

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Everything Shines Here, 2003

Video, 3 min. 35 sec.

A girl performs a choreography of her own devising, watching herself on the camera display, performing a choreography of her own... From the outfit for rhythmic gymnastics training to the gestural stylistics of the body, she embodies the gender which is being exercised. The choice of the situation gives feminine movements the context of sport and theatre, and articulates gender as exercise and stage. The choreography is also in the skill that the girl is demonstrating and in the morphological ideal of the female gender that forms the body. The occasional clumsiness or exaggeration of the infantile body in theatrical female movements creates a comical distance from the ideal. Opposite this is the exhilaration of the girl by the image of her body on the screen on which she models herself in executing the female body. The web of relations between the girl, the choreography and the screen constitutes the plot of this work.
"Everything Shins Here" invokes various theoretical concepts, but the concept of the home video is too unpretentious for the theoretical language. The work supports a feminist interpretation, but one can also imagine it in a "Sunday-afternoon show" or on a pedofile website. It deals with the coercion of gender adoption, but the girl in it is not a guinea pig. This work resists ethnographic conceit:

"What are you going to be when you grow up?"
"A queen, an actress and a singer!"

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Needlepoint, 2002.
Cross-stiched embroidery
24 x 42 cm.

This provoking junction of traditional folkloric technique and a porn content have won the Award of 43rd October Salon, Belgrade

Picture, 2001
oil on canvas
300 x 500 pxs (200x 337 cm)

Here is the Manual for reading of this picture.

Family album
Family Album, 2002

This is a serial of 40 digitaly altered photographs in variable size, placed together in a standard Photo album (24x32 cm).

Jelena Radic was born 1978. in Pancevo. Lives and woks in Belgrade.
2002. she graduated on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

2003. "Family Album", Remont Gallery, Belgrade

2003. IN OUT, International Festival Of Digital image, Galerie Karolinum, Prague, Czech
2003. The Last East European Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
2003. "Blood & Honey - Future is at Balkan" - curated by Dr. Harald Szeemann,
The Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg, Wien, Austria
2003. "Artists Are Choosing 6+6", SLU Gallery, Nis, S&M
2003. Raw - curated by Dejan Grba, Introducing Sites /Cultural Territorien #04, Galerie fr Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
2002. FLU_id II - exhibition of student works in the sphere of new media, DOB Gallery, Belgrade
2002. ZOOMINZOOMOUT - 43rd October Salon, Cvijeta Zuzoric; pavilion, Belgrade
2002. TIMECODE, V Biennial of Young Artists, Vrsac, S&M
2002. BREAK21, VI International Festival of Young Emerging Artists, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2001. FLU_id - exhibition of student works in the sphere of new media, DOB Gallery, Belgrade

WORKSHOPS jelena radic
2002. "Artistic Mobility - Utopia - Situations" University Marc Bloch and Apollonia, Strasbourg, France
2002. "Reconstruction" - workshop of the VI Cetinje Bienalle, Cetinje, Montenegro

2002. Award of 43rd October Salon, Belgrade


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