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Cinc - a distinctive Belgrade band

On this photo: taking it easy after gig in National library
photo: Darja Bekan

We exist since 2001. We are based in Belgrade, Serbia, former Yugoslavia (also known as Yugoslovakia).

They say that we are a brand new thing in Serbian music. Actually, we are rather a brand new thing in Hungarian music.

Our name doesn't mean "Commander in Chief".
It should not be pronounced as sink, as you probably think.
It should be pronounced as chinch, which is a cinch to learn.
It also doesn't have anything to do with chinch bugs.
It is merely a sound.

Our names are:

We play (so they say):

Hear this brief sound definition that we used in an announcement for a gig.


We also have a band with Yoshio Machida, it is called Walk with the Penguin

Compilations with us:

We had gigs at:

We took part in:




This is, above all, a humour that, in cabare manner, connects sentiments, social stuff, childhood and shit. Usually consisted of language stripes, musical poetry of Cinc recycles and archives our intimate memories in language: people's and poets' words, conversations, bizarre, bump words - rare examples, musical lecture, movies, pictures on the wall - places, cities, titles, traveling, slang, quotes, sentiments, calembours. Since words like Canada, bullet, weed, chetnik, Al Kaida, Marakana, Sarajevo, Chinese, 200 bucks... are also part of this memory, these songs sometimes have a very subtle social meaning. Your house nourished you, your state nourished you... If they float around one's inner thoughts, unaware of their own existence, holiday and army songs, čschoolbooks and rubbish, cream commercials in Slovenian, this is their thesaurus that processes your files.

(An excerpt from a review by Danica Minic, who have also been our guest vocal in Fiffie the sailor man)