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a multimedia artist group, based in Belgrade

Škart group have made their own website at last.
This section on Cinc website was made to present their works before they made their website. Let it stay here, it doesn't hurt anybody.

"Cooks" on Exciting Europe exhibition,
Galerie fr Zeitgenssische Kunst, Lajpcig

Crtezi mog prijatelja
"My friend's drawings", Bienalle of young artists, Vrsac

Skart group was found in 1990 in abandoned graphic atelier in Belgrade Faculty of Architecture as 2-persons'-quarrels-&-dialogues. Combining various experiences - poetry, performing arts, architecture, graphic design, community engagement - Skart developed local small steps strategy of street samizdat/samodat (self-production/self-distribution) actions.

Tvoje govno, tvoja odgovornost
Your shit - your responsibility. It is one of the skart-slogans which is self-criticaly commenting our personal responsibility in/of (not only) the hard times, says one of Skart leaders - Prota Smota.

They took part in Seas project, that brought together artists from Adriatic and Baltic countries.
In Seccesion, Wien, on Moments of change exhibition, they took part with their work "Fog".
They gave an interview to some belgrade magazine just once, and it was to me. Here it is, but I am afraid you wont understand a word, it is in Serbian.
Prota Smota told me to take off this shortened CV of theirs, because it is deprecated. But there are many references that attract visitors over Google...

Kaliningrad story "Avtobus"

(2004, made by Zota)

Dragan ProticDjordje Balmazovic

Acknownledgement: Artists presented on Cinc plug pages are not an association, and Cinc group has no formal connecions with them. We introduce their art to you because they don't have their own web-presentations and they really deserve to have them, besides - they are all our fans. Materials are published here with their kind permission. For any further reproducing of them, please ask for permissions from authors, not from Luka (me).

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